Wednesday, 17 September 2014

And Tuesday Evening Is Bell-ringing

After a lifetime spent living in towns and suburbs, a move to a small village nestled in the countryside has certainly brought a few changes.

I’m used to living in a location that has a Tesco store and a branch of Costa within walking distance, a bus every 10 minutes and just about anything within easy reach. I’ve now traded all of that for a location that has a small village shop, two pubs and a church with a clock that chimes every quarter of an hour. Buses run hourly at best, but sometimes two-hourly or not at all and most things now involve travel of the four-wheeled as opposed to two-legged variety.

All that said, it’s amazing how quickly you do start to adapt. I don’t feel the need to dash off to so many places, revelling in my new view and surroundings, and have soon started marking the time of day by the chiming of the clock. It got a bit awkward last week therefore, when I realised the clock was running somewhat behind, chiming the hour some 15 minutes or so late. Fortunately, it’s now running – well – like clockwork again!

Our first Tuesday evening here, I was stopped in my tracks by the sound of bell-ringing wafting from the church. It seemed quite a novelty and I soon got used to listening out every Tuesday evening for the dulcet tones. So I was quite put out when another Tuesday evening arrived to the sound of silence. What happened to the bells? The fact that the chime of bells was never part of my life before just didn’t matter; I was quite perturbed that they had failed to ring! Thankfully normal service has now been resumed.

Bit by bit we’ll no doubt start to integrate into village life. Now all we have to do is convince family and friends that we haven’t disappeared to another planet, just a country village where they can still actually come and visit!

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